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September 19, 2016 - Website Developer
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While using Fundamental Desktop Bridge website developer sample like a template, you are able to switch the sample .exe together with your binaries, adjust the particular records within the manifest based on the documentation and you’re completed with the conversion. You do not even have to install and run the Desktop Application Ripper tools for this kind of project!

Test, Update, Enhance and Extend your converted application

After you have effectively converted your desktop application (either using the Desktop Application Ripper tools or by hand), you are prepared to deploy, make sure increase your application. Since your application is incorporated in the UWP application model and it has an .appx package, the techniques for doing it overlap with for just about any UWP application. Take a look at our Deploy and Debug documentation for detailed steps on side-loading and debugging. Observe that your converted application may require some code changes in some instances. Make sure to browse the Planning Your Desktop Application for Conversion to UWP subject around the Home windows Dev Center.

Website Developer

Website Developer

Now you can iterate in your code and begin improving your application with exciting new UWP features which were formerly unavailable to desktop apps. Add background tasks and application services. Give a UWP tactic to your package for hosting a UWP XAML UI frontend, and a whole lot. We is constantly update the Desktop Bridge sample repo on GitHub to show a number of these great UWP features consumed by converted desktop programs, once we are becoming nearer to the ultimate discharge of the Home windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Within the coming several weeks, website developer be discussing more in-depth details about these approaches, exactly what the finish-to-finish developer process appears like and just how to include new functionality for your existing application.

Allow us to enhance the bridge

The Desktop Bridge provides an exciting road to migrate your overall desktop apps to UWP. It allows you to definitely progressively move over the bridge at the own pace and keep your overall code investments running whatsoever occasions on the way.

While you explore the various tools on current preview develops, we’re very interested in listening to your encounters and receiving your feedback. A good option to create feature suggestions is around the Home windows Developer UserVoice site. For questions and bug reviews, please mind to the Developing Universal Home windows apps forums.