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September 26, 2016 - Web Designer
Website Designer

Duplicate Page

5. Should you presently possess a menu on the website designer, delete it. Rather than the default menu that’s shown on all pages, you want to produce a unique menu for every language. We is going to do this by by hand creating a menu from separate buttons.

6. Begin with one button: Click Add-on recption menus and select Button. Select the button style that you would like, and personalize it if you want.

7. When your button design is prepared, copy it to produce the amount of buttons needed for the navigation menu. Add some relevant button text to every (Webpage, About, etc.).

8. One at a time, drag your buttons towards the header from the site and place them within the order you would like for the menu. Make certain they’re nicely aligned with one another (the Wix Editor’s automatic rulers can help you with this).

Website Designer

Website Designer

Add Buttons By hand

9. Now, for every button, right-click on the button to get at the configurations and disable the “Show on all pages” option. We’re carrying this out because we simply want the primary language buttons showing up around the primary language pages, and also the second language buttons showing up around the second language pages.

10. Again in every button’s configurations, click the Link icon and select the Page/ Anchor option. You can now determine which page to connect to your buttons. When you’re establishing the house Page, choose Home, when you’re establishing the Contact page form, choose Contact, etc.

11. Now group recption menus you produced (here’s how), copy it on all pages from the relevant language.

12. Repeat steps 6-11 using the second language menu. The end result ought to be you have Menu 1 shown on all pages within the primary language and Menu 2 shown on all pages within the second language.

13. If you want greater than two languages on the website designer, do this again as numerous occasions when needed.

TIP: Add flag symbols to your website to indicate which languages can be found! In the Add option within the editor menu, choose Image> Free Wix Clip Art > Flags, and select those that you’ll need. After that you can link each flag icon towards the homepage within the relevant language.