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January 11, 2017 - Web Designer
Website Designer

The web site above fails in a lot of ways in which I possibly could utilize it as example within the remaining nine topics below, but let’s remain focused about this one. Do you experience feeling the total amount? Yes, you’re correct, there’s no balance. The left side has lots of images along with a video of the individual standing, which leads to the left side getting excess fat compared to image around the right.

2) Bevel and Emboss

I needed to include that one. It’s really annoying to determine any susipicious activity regarding this layer style. For individuals who’re beginning, I realize that you simply think bevel and emboss is a fairly effect and it ought to be everywhere in your page, but it isn’t. Bevel effects ought to be used sparingly. There are many tutorials regarding how to transform bevel and emboss right into a effective technique, however if you simply don’t understand how to utilize it, don’t utilize it whatsoever.

Website Designer

Website Designer

Bevel and Emboss

3) Distracting Backgrounds

Applying an active background distracts the user’s attention, hides information, and disrespects visual hierarchy. In case your background image includes a greater visual impact than anything else, users won’t catch the content of the website and can leave rapidly.


John Kavanagh’s website makes use of background images, respecting visual hierarchy as well as content information. Studying remains to right, as well as in this situation, the user’s attention follows the structures around the left for the Eiffel Tower and London Bridge around the right, consequently resulting in navigation (which isn’t visible within the image). This can be a best example of methods background can be used a “tool” for design flow.

Distracting background

Above is an ideal illustration of more concerning your background.

4) Insufficient Detail

In case your website sucks, it’s most likely since you didn’t worry about the minor things. Whenever you think your design is finished, you have to start right from the start and then try to apply detail on each and every element.