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January 11, 2017 - Website Developer
Web Developer Singapore

Using a lot of vibrant colors, or perhaps a similar contrast for the background foreground elements, or perhaps warm colors together with awesome colors, you’re essentially forcing these potential customers to depart.


Color must fit perfectly, based on your audience, style and personality.

Should you go into the website above, make sure to make use of shades.

10) Overflow

Unless of course you’re creating a website with horizontal layout, showing a horizontal scroll bar is really a mistake and appears bad. Make certain your layout is enhanced for any resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, by doing this 98% of the visitors can go to your website effortlessly. In case you really desire to use a larger background image, ensure you hide the horizontal scroll bar, while using CSS property overflow-x: hidden.

Web Developer Singapore

Web Developer Singapore

11) Distracting Animations

A dull design doesn’t bring light for your visitor’s eyes, however, getting an excessive amount of animation in your website brings lots of disadvantages in your company. Distracting the consumer from the objective of their visit ensures he doesn’t obtain the message and doesn’t return. If you are planning to make use of animations in your website, make certain they’re suitable for the merchandise you’re selling or displaying. Next, make certain it’s properly balanced together with your content, so to do that, you have to think about three questions:

What’s the first factor you appear at whenever you visit that exact page (animation or content)?

How lengthy it requires to see the whole animation?

Are you able to read text easily as the animation is playing?

The solution to the initial question will most likely function as the animation, if it is not you’ve passed the exam as well as your animation isn’t disturbing your visits.When the animation may be the first factor the thing is, this means it features a bigger visual impact than your articles, and you have to answer the 2nd question. If the solution to the 2nd real question is “looping” or “too much”, you’ve got a problem and the solution to the 3rd question is going to be “no”.