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January 11, 2017 - Web Designer
Web Designer Singapore

Design modules are constructed with different sizes

2. Madagascar Dreamworks. This situation is really a effective description from the pattern. When compared with those of Team Bad Company, this layout features modules which are of different sizes. You should know that how big the modules is reflective from the importance and order of hierarchy. While it’s true that modules of the identical size their very own group of advantages, there’s a danger involved with opting for it, too that’s your site fails for making a focus towards the major element.


Clients can easily see the various amazing shots Peachey Photography delivers

3. Peachey Photography. If your site is designed to showcase your creative works, there’s no questioning that you ought to choose the modular type page layout. For example, this photography website utilizes this layout. It doesn’t only make its prospects aware of the numerous impressive shots he had, it offers them the simplicity of navigation, too. The greater you are able to visible on one screen, the greater prospects you are able to lure to choose your service.

Web Designer Singapore

Web Designer Singapore

modular layout white-colored frontier

White-colored Bear uses 5 different modules

4. White-colored Frontier. This really is another illustration of an internet site which has performed using modular layout. The page includes 5 modules that are of various sizes. The greatest module, obviously, bears the look that is representative of these products that they’re selling. While you click each module, you’re come to the various aspects of the web site.


A modular layout is fantastic for fashion-related websites

5. Lardini. Another site that has accepted the modular layout is Lardini. In the end, it is advisable for each fashion-related web site to showcase categories of marvelous photos that may be easily viewed non-intrusively. Hence, using a modular layout is actually apt.Developers understand having a grid system like a firm foundation for his or her websites. Due to this, they are able to easily overcome the down sides or problems that they experience once they perform the prototyping.