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January 11, 2017 - Web Designer
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6) Flash Intros

Not so long ago, getting a flash intro inside your website will make a website design ninja. There are many great intros available, and lots much more of terrible attempts. Nowadays, most visitors want fast access to information so when you demand these to wait, they leave. If you would like an intro inside your website, make certain it features a point, it adds value which is well-crafted.

Flash intros

7) Music

And So I have my earphones on, I open several tabs, and all of a sudden I jump in the chair because irritating music starts playing. Then i look for the right tab so when I’ve found it, I look for the mute button and you know what, there isn’t one. I shouldn’t mute my loudspeakers and so i close the page and that i won’t go back to that loud place. Loud and boring music originating from your site is really annoying, although not getting a method to shut it lower, is definitely an exit ticket out of your website.

Web Designer

Web Designer


8) Tables

This can be a questionable subject, many people defend using tables yet others less. This subject isn’t designed to convince explore to make use of tables, but to make use of tables where and when you need to. Personally, I don’t recall the before I’ve used tables, I merely don’t enjoy it. However, for tabular data, tables are the most useful choice, because it increases readability and organization.


Shopify’s prices page is a great one of methods great using tables could be for tabular data.


Never use tables to create your layout!

9) Colors

The incorrect selection of colors can ruin a whole website. Contrast, saturation, kinds of colors, audience, style, etc. There are lots of factors you have to consider when selecting the best colors for the website. Should you not know how to start, Tina authored an excellent article relating to this subject – Colors in Website Design: Selecting the right combination for the Website.