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November 23, 2016 - Web Designer
Web Designer

Website Designer

Website designers are mainly involved in creating and coding web pages. En route, they draw upon both their technical knowledge and artistic impulses. Web Designer is important to keep in mind the end of their job is to design web pages that satisfy users’ needs. Website designers are not just responsible for the appearance of web pages, but they are also responsible for the way the pages function. The duty of a website’s maintenance also falls on a web designer’s shoulders.

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It is important to differentiate between the role of a Web Designer and a web developer. The latter is mainly concerned with the back-end of a website. Other than the responsibilities mentioned, a web designer should also make sure that the applications and layout mentioned work well in prominent web browsers. Also important in his job is collaboration with marketing agents of the company.

Web Designer

Web Designer

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A web designer should make sure that his graphics and designs are totally in keeping with the company’s branding policy. This is crystalized in the initial meetings between the clients and the designer, which is held before the project of designing the web starts out. The designer is asked to provide sample pages and prototypes in order to convince the marketing office that his work would further the company’s policy.

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A web designer should also be well-experienced in search engine optimization. At times, he is asked to proofread certain contents in order to make sure no error whatsoever exists in the final version. Debugging codes and possible re-designing of web pages are amongst probable scenarios in the life of a web designer. One other area in which a web designer should be highly-trained is working with content management systems.A web designer works with data, graphics and Web Designer pages. He should be able to work his way around content management systems since the content means everything in the world of web design.


A web designer should also remain available for ‘post-sales’ technical support. In order to keep up-to-date with the latest in design technology, he is expected to follow current trends in design and take active part in software development courses and events. One prominent part of our company’s activities is allocated to web design. We host a well-experienced team of website designers. The Web Designer project in our company starts out with an initial meeting between the designers and the client. This turns out to be a critical stage since everything should go according to our clients’ preferences.


Afterwards, our designers work on providing a prototype, i.e. how the final outcome would probably look like. In the design of the website, we attempt to make a host of various considerations, from graphics to search engine optimization to proofreading. Our designers follow the latest changes in the design world and draw upon their rich background of web design to provide the best possible service for our clients. With the introduction of our web design services, we attempt to actualize our ideals and dreams in the design world.