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January 11, 2017 - Web Designer
Web Design Singapore

It is simple to acquire a as well as nice effect should you eliminate the distractions while you unobtrusively put the menus and links around the page which are lacking of containers. Furthermore, for those who have no borders, headers, and footers, your eyes could be more attracted to the topic of interest.

Nowadays, the term chrome is not associated with cars, but it’s more identified with site and page design, specifically in mention of the all the headers, footers, containers, and borders that enclose a webpage. For a lot of web-site designers, web layout designers, though, chromes really are a distraction towards the user and take off the main focus in the very essence of the website, which may be the services or products it offers, the photographs and pictures connected by using it, or even the brand itself.

Web Design Singapore

Web Design Singapore

3. Modular or Grid Based

Each module of those designs is supposed to flex in line with the size the screen. Whenever you arrived at consider it, this isn’t a real new approach. However, since the development of responsive website design, using this layout design has be sought after, because of its effectiveness. This means at the kind of flexible layouts it’s possible to develop, especially with the aid of plugins like Masonry.

Websites Which Have Accepted the Modular Layout


Team Bad Company is the best illustration of a modular website

1. Team Bad Company. Undoubtedly, this situation perfectly exemplifies the concept because the design is completely responsive. Since space is split evenly, the look adapts evenly, whatever the device where it’s viewed. Why is this site further interesting is it introduces a component in bigger screen sizes that disrupts the stiff barriers between your modules themselves.

madagascar modular

Design modules are constructed with different sizes

2. Madagascar Dreamworks. This situation is really a effective description from the pattern. When compared with those of Team Bad Company, this layout features modules which are of different sizes.