Web Design Malaysia

August 15, 2016 - Web Design
Web Design Malaysia

It’s its drawbacks, though. web design Malaysia really too large, now, for any simple blog. It’s according to older versions of PHP, and which makes it a little slow and unwieldy, since it’s designers keep it backwards-compatible.

Worse, that massive codebase includes more potential vulnerabilities. I’ll grant the WordPress team does have a tendency to stay on the top of these, delivering security updates as quickly as the bugs are located. That does not do anything whatsoever for insecure plugins, however.

WordPress is really a massive, versatile animal a thing that frequently comes at the fee for speed. Don’t misunderstand me, you may make WordPress fast. But that’s just it. It’s a lot slower as it may be as they are.

You are able to build anything by using it, however for a cost.

Web Design Malaysia

Web Design Malaysia


Ghost is more recent, leaner, and do you factor: blogging. Built on NodeJS, it’s fast. Created by professionals, web design Malaysia pretty. I haven’t yet learn about any major security flaws.

I simply finished creating a site by using it, and I’m for each other. Writing in Ghost is straightforward.

However, that’s all it will. You will find plans to possess a wordpress plugin system in position (known as “Apps”) but it isn’t there yet. Which means that such things as “related posts”, magazine-style designs, along with other a little more complex items of functionality just aren’t happening yet.

But my God, it will pure blogging so well.


Secure may be used to create a blog. It doubles to create something larger. Having a somewhat steeper learning curve than either WordPress or Ghost, it’s designed for teams. It’s designed for companies.
Have to build that magazine or newspaper site, with all sorts of posts, and knowledge streams everywhere? Secure can perform that. Have to enter in custom functionality? The CMS won’t enter the right path.

You will find, you will find plugins. They’re also all free.