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August 17, 2016 - Software
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The Graph API Explorer is easily the most generally used tool whenever using the Facebook API. Software developer allows you execute Graph API queries within the browser and look at the outcomes: You should use your app’s access tokens or create one quickly with selected scopes.


The Graph API is really a Relaxation-based API that allows you develop, update, and delete objects per HTTP request on certain nodes.

Access Token

To operate queries from the Graph API, you’ll need an access token that’s acquired when a person effectively authorizes inside your application. The access token ought to be stored from your application.


Scopes pick which actions could be carried out with respect to a person. The applying requests certain scopes whenever a user authorizes within an application. The publish_actions scope, for instance, allows an application publish posts with respect to a person. The e-mail scope allows the application browse the user’s email. A complete overview total scopes shows up within the official documentation.

Certain scopes such as the publish_actions or advertisements_management need a review by Facebook before the discharge of the application.

Software Developer

Software Developer

Good examples

To show the way the Graph API works, I will highlight how you can read, create, update, and delete posts using the API.

To obtain your own posts, software developer are able to execute the GET query /me/posts. The end result is a JSON string with a summary of posts, including their message, produced_time, and id.

To obtain more data regarding your posts, you are able to extend the query with fields as query parameters. For instance, the query me/posts?fields=responses, picture provides you with the post’s picture and responses.

To produce a publish, you can just send a Publish action from the edge feed, e.g. me/feed, with parameters for example message: hello world. The Graph API will return a JSON object using the ID of the produced publish.