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August 5, 2016 - Renovation Contractor
Renovation Company

Charged because the reveal that knows the present atmosphere, a projection to return of just living, Maison et Objet Paris (22nd – 26th Jan 2016) is really a major event within the interiors calendar. Among the biggest worldwide interiors industry events renovation company presents its visitors by having an almost dizzying variety of colour, texture and product innovation therefore we were within our element. We check out key trends in the reveal that really caught our eye to provide you with a glimpse into what’s available for 2016.

The playful Front wallpaper collection for Engblad & Co. uses subtle shading on the white-colored background to produce the illusion of depth.

The playful Front wallpaper collection for Engblad & Co.

Geometric and Surface Play

Renovation Company

Renovation Company

The Leading assortment of nine wallpapers from Swedish company Engblad & Co. uses sketched designs to cleverly produce the illusion of depth and structure. Front, certainly one of Sweden’s best design groups required scissors to many rolls of wallpaper in their design process.

“We have lengthy been thinking about and labored with magical and trompe l’oeil effects. You can say we have lengthy been inspired by perception.” Charlotte now von der Lancken, Front.

They attempted out versions, searched for and located shapes which were both discreet enough to stay without anyone’s knowledge as wallpaper should, yet simultaneously stick out having a hint of three-dimensionality. Renovation company makes sense a playful yet modern collection which will sit perfectly using the current trend for monochromatic black and white-colored prints (Mourne Textiles amongst others) and wood.

Also of great interest were Popcorn’s selection of bottle covers/vases in very modern colour blends. The Rocky console by La Chance, Paris. Geometric prints at Niki Johnson, jewel stone faceted vases at Tom Dixon and also the amazing three dimensional maps by Chisel and Mouse that gave a brand new perspective to the major metropolitan areas.

We fell deeply in love with the ‘beginning of everything’ collection that was signed by Portugese designer Pedro Miguel Teixeira for Womb Porto and particularly the Seronera lacquered black and brass table. Inspired through the Acacia Seronera trees from the Serengeti National Park so that as a tribute towards the African content itself. “The plant’s roots are embracing our planet and they grew to become one.” It had been meant to challenge the senses also it does exactly that, contrasting metal and wood to great effect one isn’t sure if the legs have become or are rooted in to the desktop.

And in evidence were opulent golds within the Soliel assortment of dinnerware released by Bernardaud and again at Niki Johnson. Most impressive was the LcD Textile Edition collection from Belgian-born Parisian and textile research consultant Luc Druez. The gathering is “hand made” and it is composed exclusively of technical fibers given a brand new jacquard “spin”: fishing lines, raffia, rubber, copper and horse hair…