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January 12, 2017 - App Developer
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Are you currently making a few of these big application monetization mistakes? (Part1)

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Being effective being an application developer or application marketer, now-a-days, needs a break in the past. If you would like your application to become a success you must have a up-to-date knowledge of the mobile application monetization landscape. Because, it’s about time to get involved with the fundamental debates about “Paid versus Free” apps or maybe to charge $.99 or $1.99 for the application download to generate money of these. It’s time for you to modernize the methods of mobile application marketing and open ourselves to some ” new world ” of possibilities.

Mobile Game Developer

Mobile Game Developer

For any effective application, you must have a suitable monetization strategy included in our mobile application marketing strategy in the beginning. While there are a variety of application monetization strategies, it isn’t needed that all are appropriate for the application. Here are a couple of points which will debunk some application monetization strategies, which are generally used and can help you look for a right technique for your application:

1. Just selecting premium pay-per-download like a default:


The most frequent and simple-to-adopt method of generating revenue from apps would be to charge for this. Nowadays, the majority of the application developers and publishers possess the common psychology that the simplest way to generate money through application would be to charge for this. However the application world is flooded with apps and the majority of the users will not pay- the small cost of $.99 – unless of course and untill they look for a convincing reason to do this. However, for brand new application developers and marketers, it’s needed to know the application marketplace and provide away their application free of charge. This helps them drive audiences and make good users list and they could make money through their application. After you have good user-base as well as their attention for the application, you’ll find numerous ways to earn money out of your application including premium upgrades, virtual goods, mobile advertising, in application purchase, pay-per download methods.