Mobile App Development Singapore

January 11, 2017 - App Developer
Mobile App Development Singapore

There has been over 1.two million apps printed around the Apple Application store coupled with 75 billion application downloads, since 2008 and each application that go through the Apple’s strict guidelines and rules know well about how exactly Apple is really a disciplinarian because of its guidelines and rules. To obtain an application printed there’s some rules to conform with. Lately, Apple printed a summary of explanations why it rejects apps in the Application Store, to assist developers get ready for its tough review process.

Why are apps delivered back?

Crashes & Bugs: Apple doesn’t approves buggy and crashing apps because Application Store filled with buggy apps would reflect bad image around the Application Store and can certainly upset users. Apple in the recent released list recommends to make certain to check completely before submitting your application for review.

Mobile App Development Singapore

Mobile App Development Singapore

Interrupted or damaged: Apple doesn’t approves any application which contains non-functional links whether it is support links, ‘contact-us’ links, or any other. Additionally they think about the app’s online privacy policies for approving – it should be completely functional, updated and direct the consumer where they are meant to land.

Partly completed Information: Developers are needed to fill all of the needed user information from the application. To get their application approved, they have to make certain to incorporate these details inside a demo for that Application Review. Let’s take a good example – in case your application needs a register, you may create a demo account so the reviewers can obtain access to your physical features. In case your application needs the consumer to configure specific details (like time, location, etc…), you could have the preset around the demo account in advance. To obtain more attention you are able to give a demo video for just about any exceptional features, and make sure that your contact information are updated.

Placeholder Content: Before submitting your application for review, developers should make certain they have added information to all the mandatory fields which includes the title, description, icon, and screenshots etc.

Submission of comparable Apps: Brainstorm at all your apps. Are every one has features and functionalities or they’re one of the ways or same ? If they’re same, then try to discover a method to mix individuals apps into one. Apple never appreciates the submission of multiple, similar apps since it occludes up Apple’s review process.

Imprecise Descriptions: Application description, icon, screenshots and more importantly title should precisely reflect the app’s functionality, consumer experience and interface. Apple states- Misleading content will enable your application get rejected.