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September 30, 2016 - App Developer
Mobile App Developer

While Google (inside a recent video known as Exactly what does Google consider single-page websites?) has stated it is better at understanding and digesting JavaScript and jQuery, Matt Cutts also stated one page mobile app developer “sometimes work” for Search engine optimization. Sometimes? I really like Matt, but may he’s too kind. Why on the planet can you gamble your Search engine optimization efforts for any awesome website trend and hope that you’re within the sometimes working group? I wouldn’t and that i don’t want our clients either to.

If Search engine optimization is essential towards the heath of the website as well as your company, I highly suggest you depart single page websites towards the large brands like Cadillac. It normally won’t need Search engine optimization to outlive, but you will, so stick to technology we know of to operate.

One Page Websites Can Confuse Customers

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developer

I frequently compare individuals to small children – I really like small children.  Due to this association, I attempt and make certain our websites are simple to digest and simple to use. I personally use small children to not signify deficiencies in intelligence, but to focus on a brief attention span.

Most readers are multi-tasking and they’re easily sidetracked, out of the box the situation of my beloved toddler.  To help keep visitors online, you have to make website content and navigation easy.  You cannot expect people to consider cute design to get at where they would like to go in order to locate information they require.  If I must “figure out” using your site, your site is not worth time. Just like the toddler, I’m constantly multitasking so attention span is brief.

Real websites include multiple pages designed around a users’ needs and also the website owner’s goals.  Allow the customer pick their path according to their demands after which present all of them with information produced only for them. I refer to this as persona-based navigation and content presentation. We are able to do that having a multiple page mobile app developer, but we can’t easily do that having a single page website.

If you are supplying technology savvy readers, a single page website may be only the trick. If you are supplying the typical Joe, skip the fashionable code and go old-fashioned.

Website Proprietors Are Dependent on Programmers

At the beginning of this short article I mentioned a couple of various kinds of programming languages accustomed to create these fancy single page websites. To refresh your memory, these were JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, and Ajax. Allow me to inquire – the number of of individuals are you currently experienced in using? Zero? Me too. For this reason I’ve got a coding team. Regrettably the typical small business operator doesn’t.