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January 12, 2017 - App Developer
Mobile app Developer

Appreciate your users have high expectations for the application as well as your application fails to deliver on delivering, your application is more prone to get bad reviews, resulting in missed possibilities minimizing revenues and could affect your future apps too.

6. Setting overinflated worth of your application

Mobile app Developer

Mobile app Developer


As you can see within our previous point that – Be truthful together with your customers. Prior to being honest for your customers you have to be honest on your own too. Before you begin intending to marketing your application, think about – “Just just how your application is?” or “Why will people be prepared to cover it? (if compensated)”. Many application developers and publishers have overinflated expectations regarding their app’s value and also have set impractical expectations for how much cash their application will earn. Don’t sell your application just with regard to selecting a number.

7. Ignoring application analytics


Not benefiting from analytics for the marketing plans means you’re “flying blind” within the mobile application marketing world. Application Analytics is among the most significant techniques to track and plan your online marketing strategy. With proper analytics implementation you are able to learn about your user census, how old they are groups, their gender as well as their countries. These statistics can help you track users behavior and measure users responses to application marketing. This can help you to find out the things that work, and connect what doesn’t work. And, you’ll be able to optimize your application online marketing strategy to obtain nearer to earning more downloads and generating money from it.

Are you currently among the application developers who’s coming to a or the suggestions above pointed out mistakes ? If so, it isn’t far too late because every mistake takes you from a large success. Even when you’re making each one of these big application marketing mistakes, there’s sufficient time to modify your online marketing strategy and monetization methods.