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September 7, 2016 - IOS Developer
IOS Developer

SDKs and like Chartboost – $50-$200 – SDKs are an very important a part of monitoring our apps and earning money off them.  Generally you will get any SDK integrated for relatively cheap, however the more specific you’re together with your SDKs, the greater costly.  SDKs that you might want to include are:  Google Analytics, Chartboost, Applovin, Xplode, AdMob, and Tapjoy.


The style of your application will make a significant difference inside your overall Return on investment and consumer experience. The look can help convert viewers to downloads in the screenshots you choose to upload and can help people making use of your ios developer feel more engaged.

Trading inside a good design is definitely the easiest method to improve your margins on the two year timeline. Use a web design service, but frequently the best choice will probably be locating a mobile application designer who is aware of user flow and also the space limitations.

Application designs usually are available in packages, exactly the same development does – you will purchase a “suite” of .png and PSD files that fulfill all of your needs. Including all necessary screens and symbols.

IOS Developer

IOS Developer

You’ll be amazed at the number of different pieces you will find, the icon alone needs about 4 different sizings for any universal ios developer (iPhone and iPad). Here’s a tough introduction to costs:

iPhone only (normally the bottom line isn’t accomplished for the retina display, as observed in the apple iphone 4 because they require greater resolution files) – $500-10,000 – This will bring you basics level design that you could send to the developer who’ll have the ability to add these images in to the code.

Useful TIP: ask the developer what they need the files named and do this on their behalf before delivering. You will save both time and effort and headaches.

iPhone 6 Plus Compatible – Add 25% to above cost – these images is going to be sized at 2208 x 1242px height (greater than two times those of the 640×1136 apple iphone 5)

iPad – Add 50% to above cost – this really is presuming the layout is extremely similar and user flow can also be similar. Oftentimes you’ll have to create alternate functionality to support for that iPad size and speed, which requires new designs.

Useful TIP:  Most iPads contain retina images.  These images could be large, be careful of the codes quality when applying.

The symbols ought to be incorporated within this entire package and you may most likely request screen shots if you wish to possess some that are superior to carrying out a simple screen grab of the phone.