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August 18, 2016 - interior design
Interior Designer

Frequently this method sees you develop an OK interior but who would like to accept just OK?!

Just how to produce a plan? The very best tip styling experts gave whenever we requested them ‘How to locate your interior designer style‘ was to produce a mood board so we have help regarding how to produce a mood board here.

Frequently whenever we discuss mood boards, people imagine ‘yeah yeah’ but don’t get it done.

Here’s why I believe it’s essential:

– a lot of us like various interior styles so simply purchasing stuff you like and wishing they are effective together can result in interiors which are a hodge podge of styles and never in a great way

Interior Designer

Interior Designer

– a mood board allows you test out looks prior to making the dedication to buy and you may edit and refine the board as the ideas develop

– it’s a reason the trawl through magazines and spend some time searching for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest, all in the research obviously!

2. Search for quite the hero piece to create a dark tone

After I understood the inside style I needed to attain, I committed to quite the hero piece that sets a dark tone for that interior designer – my original Annie Everingham artwork.

This artwork is becoming my reference when presenting new colours, furniture or decor in to the home.

Your hero piece might be a light, periodic chair or perhaps a statement cushion you simply love.

Anything, I believe getting a bit that signifies your brand-new interior style and you can make reference to when purchasing new pieces is essential!

Annie artwork
3. Prioritise

Now you be aware of vision you need to create, it is pretty obvious what furniture pieces must go and which of them you are able to accept (if perhaps for a short period).

For me personally, this meant eliminating or upgrading nearly every furniture piece I possessed (aside from our guest bed)!