Graphic Designer Malaysia

August 9, 2016 - Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer Malaysia

23. Fight Club

There’s lots of Fight Club kinetic typography hanging around the internet however this newer offering from Adrian Moran is really a belter. The visual Forex, motion graphics, and three dimensional artist has produced this animation to accompany Kaira Pitt’s infamous Fight Club rule listing. We like the shades too!

24. Hello Hola Hallo Bonjour Ciao Ola

This adorable kinetic typography animation is made by Spanish graphic designer Malaysia and motion designer, Daniel Moreno Cordero. Produced using Consequences, Illustrator and a few Illustrator, Daniel also used a typography titled ‘Granaina Limpia.’

Graphic Designer Malaysia

Graphic Designer Malaysia

25. Ira Glass on Storytelling

Producer and host of the American Existence, Ira Glass, talks about why is up the inspiration of the great story within this animation, revamped 72 hours by David Shiyang Lu using Illustrator after Effects. You are able to catch the entire Ira Glass talk over online.

26. Hard Work – Habitat Promo

Motion design builder Joe Dunlap produced this insightful promo for furniture titans Habitat. Through creative, kinetic typography and clever, dynamic animations this short public service announcement for Habitat for Humanity describes it’s simple for anybody to attain something big. It has been getting lots of love on Vimeo!

27. RocknRolla

Produced by Siddharth Raj, this kinetic typography graphic designer Malaysia requires a speech from British action-thriller, ‘RocknRolla’ and brings it to existence. We like how Siddharth has encorporated various font shapes and dimensions to suit perfectly between one another.

28. Pulp Fiction

Gangster movie speeches appear to become popping up a great deal within this list but it is that they’re the right accompianment for excellent kinetic typography. This Pulp Fiction number was produced by Norweigian motion designer Christian Gjerde. Watch out for the particularly clever ‘car’ moment in the finish from the video.

29. Fusion Design

This animation combines motion graphics with kinetic typography to some perfect execution. There isn’t many details about this one by Dusan Tatalovic but we like the way in which he’s handled to just about personify the typography through the musical accompianment.