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October 1, 2016 - Renovation Contractor
Contractor Malaysia

A house’s exterior may be the first factor people notice in regards to a home. A properly landscaped yard, new siding and contractor Malaysia windows along with a new, attractive roof. Century Roofing Limited in Calgary focuses on siding in addition to roofing for commercial and residential projects. In case your roof continues to be broken by harsh weather, failing as we grow older or should you prefer a new roof for any new commercial or residential project, Century Roofing Limited can offer new roof installation including supplies and shingles.

Though asphalt shingles was once probably the most generally used shingles in residential applications, there are many options with regards to selecting shingles for the roof.

“We are presently completing a sizable commercial roof repair project with standing seam metal roofing so we just ended two condos with shingle roofing.” – Century Roofing Limited.

Contractor Malaysia

Contractor Malaysia

Century Roofing Limited shares some good info in your choices for roofing:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles really are a popular choice among homeowners. They’re economical and are available in many of styles, colours and textures. If installed correctly using quality materials, an asphalt roof can last as long as fifteen years. Regrettably, with time asphalt shingles can begin to deteriorate, peel and are available from your roof. They aren’t as durable and lengthy-lasting as other shingle options.

Wood Shingles

Cedar plank wood shingles and shakes are extremely attractive and provide good protection for your house. Wood is energy-efficient because contractor Malaysia absorbs less heat than a number of other roofing materials, helping your house to remain cooler within the summer time. They are manufactured from organic, natural materials lowering your effect on the atmosphere. Since they’re installed as individual pieces, wood shingles will also be relatively simple to correct and replaced if needed.

Laminate Shingles

Laminate shingles are gaining popularity on newer homes. They’re affordable and may last as long as 25 to 35 years, even as much as 4 decades with greater grades. They provide diversity, coming in a number of textures and colors even mimicking the feel of natural wood and stone. They’re resistant against harsh weather and mildew. Laminate shingles will also be energy-efficient, coming with insulation and reflective materials that blocks the sun’s heat.