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September 15, 2016 - Renovation Contractor
Contractor Malaysia

CBC Marketplace “Busted” website documentary entitled “Roof shingles don’t meet warranties” exposes a few of the scam on premature shingle failures and astoundingly, documents producers who’d not really return the customer’s or CBC’s telephone calls! Why bother knowing the warranty service needs cannot often be met anyway?

So how exactly does this happen? Who’s safeguarding the customer and policing misleading warranties? How come producers, marketers and roofing installing contractor Malaysia ongoing to participate the issue just by creating the marketing hype? My suggestion to clients is to locate a genuine roofing salesperson with solid references that a minimum of seems to achieve the client’s needs his or her primary objective by being truthful and showing some understanding concerning the disconnect between marketing scams and ‘real life’ field-proven reality.

Contractor Malaysia

Contractor Malaysia

Trustworthy Edmonton Roofing Companies

Edmonton RoofersWe at Real Existence Roofing in Edmonton provide our clients with credible 3rd party articles from roofing trade magazines that expose the reality and obtain critical making decisions information towards the people who most require it – you, the property owner! The number of roofers or providers share that information with everyone? The main difference, for me, is whether or not you decide on only a ‘salesman’ or perhaps an experienced professional roofing ‘consultant’ to best serve your requirements and anticipations. Contractor Malaysia about obtaining the problem with full disclosure of benefits and drawbacks and educating clients about some surprising technical design variations, as well as serious deficiencies, in roofing items they’re thinking about.

Real Existence Roofing Corporation. is an expert in high-quality rubber hybrid asphalt shingles rich in performance 20-thirty year practical service existence spec’s, including hail insurance discount qualifications.

Our primary focus since 1985 continues to be the ‘real life’ greater performance metal options with an array of field proven shake, tile or slate stampings, combined with the standard residential and commercial rib-type lengthy sheets. All of our metal items are individually selected and examined low standard of fifty-plus years for low maintenance and lengthy-term appreciating value. Real Existence Roofing also provides the only real lifetime-warranteed flat roof membrane that’s been field examined for more than 3 decades in The United States without any recorded failures up to now.

Real Existence is constantly on the build, customer upon customer since 1985, a comprehensive industry- leading reference list with verifiable phone figures. That’s real field-proven results with more than 1,000 happy clients.

We’re fortunate to provide, our valued client, an chance look around the best- value roofing product for the particular needs and anticipations. Reassurance for any large maybe once-in-a-lifetime purchase only originates from accurate information, proper research, and confidence within the honesty and professionalism of the install company. That’s the “Real Existence Difference.”