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September 1, 2016 - Contractor Malaysia
Construction Company

Under last month, I had been in Mexico City training an enormous number of construction company, installers and floor company proprietors. Back at home I simply experienced (again) taking care of in our trade which i stressed towards the group in Mexico: How you can say “no.”

I visited a quote today for any refinish of the existing floor. Exactly what the caller did not let me know was:

The ground is seriously cupped. That he’s the GC who hired some “floor guy” to complete the job. The “floor guy” tapconned ¾-inch plywood on slab without any vapor barrier with no prep. He installed 2¼-inch red oak. No moisture tests were done, no RH test, nothing. Next would be a colored-on black wood stain he finished it with several jackets of gloss water-based finish (by the feel of it, put lower some anti-slip sand in to the last coat).

Therefore the GC asks me, “Can I ‘fix’ it?” (I place the quotes on fix here, while he was dead serious and I’m being sarcastic now.)

My answer simply was “No.” He cocked his mind and checked out me having a puzzled expression. “What would you mean, no?”

I described that beyond the truth that the conclusion appeared as if it had been applied with “anti-slip” in your mind, and beyond the sanding work was absolutely horrible, as you would expect, it had been an undesirable installation with internal flaws displayed through the unevenness from insufficient prep And also the cupping … and that i wasn’t likely to touch this floor whatsoever.

I told him nicely the only method I possibly could “fix” this really is to tear everything out and begin again again, because I am not putting my name on the floor that may easily fail afterwards. He didn’t like my answer, despite the fact that he (now) understood about all of the flaws which are both visible and hidden within this floor which nobody could ensure the floor some thing because it should.

Construction Company

Construction Company

Which means this leads me to Mexico City and also to all individuals installers … and also to the conversation I’ve along with other installers and company proprietors constantly … learn how to refuse!

Learn how to refuse when you’re being put pressurized to satisfy an not reasonable or unachievable deadline.

Learn how to refuse when you’re being put pressurized to satisfy an not reasonable or unachievable deadline. Learn how to refuse when construction company requested to complete low quality or else compromising work. Learn how to refuse once the finish result will probably be under associated with a high quality job or company. Learn how to refuse so that you can not have a shame to deal with that can result in rework, a lot of money lost, bad will and, first and foremost, a tarnished or broken status.

Saying no thanks will boost morale since your individuals will appreciate not place in individuals bad situations. Saying no thanks will really cause you to more income these days for a lot of other facets of our trade: getting positive client confidence, good will locally, marketing your good status, and you live and eat concepts that aren’t compromised.

Learn how to say “NO.”