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January 12, 2017 - App Developer
App Developer

Unquestionably, Android Put on may also help Google to initiate the physical fitness world. It’ll tie into existing physical fitness apps, providing you real-time info on speed and distance, help remind you of the exercise goals and can help you stay up to date with your running, walking and cycling information.

And, obviously, that’s just the beginning.

Why Apps on Android Put on?

To keep track of growing consumer interest in more and better helpful apps, new platforms like Android Put on can’t be overlooked – because its possibility to extract valuable data from the smartwatch will change their existence allowing them make use of the technology rapidly and easily. Soon individuals will be counting on their smart-watch out for their small but important tasks like locating a nearby store, a cafe or restaurant or getting information on a much safer place if they’re stuck in certain harmful location. Google has released its software development package for Android Put on so developers can start focusing on newly discovered apps with this emerging platform. Google lately released google’s Play Services 5. update for Android devices, which now includes Android Put on APIs. This permits developers to code a lot more helpful apps to operate on Android Put on.

App Developer

App Developer

Application developers are keeping track of Android Put on – to, either, creating newly discovered apps for that platform offering more quality for their users, or porting their older apps to utilize this ground-breaking and emanating technology.

Just How Can AppStudioz Assist You To?

With this particular emerging and cutting- edge wearable devices on the market, you will see elevated have to develop apps which are suitable for this newer platform. If you’re considering developing a special application, AppStudioz will help you in turning your idea into an incredible application which will focus on the brand new wearable device platform.