Anime Character

April 28, 2016 - Animation
Anime Character


Tres3d is pushing the limitations of traditional medical animation MOA’s (approach to action videos) by creating holographic/three dimensional anime character to become seen on holographic film and water vapor with no need of special glasses. By utilizing film with holographic qualities and creating custom three dimensional medical animations Tres3d has the capacity to produce a holographic illusion. This method allows the crowd to see three dimensional medical anime character using the illusion of depth.  Taking it a step further, Tres3d offers these shows with interactivity which fits using a body recognition camera along with software programs.

“Holographic projection and three dimensional imaging is certainly not a new comer to the majority of us. All of us recall the first couple of three dimensional movies that needed individuals silly paper glasses, picture top executives walking a trade event putting on them. I suppose, this is exactly why we’ve got the technology never truly caught on.”  Noted David Gonzalez, President of Tres3d Medical anime character Malaysia.

Anime Character

Anime Character

Holographic illusions really dates back towards the 1860’s when John Henry Pepper and British engineer

Henry Dircks produced the “Pepper Ghost effect”. This method was utilized in theater productions

needing large bits of glass along with a stage to become built around it to produce the anime character. Today most of the

top holographic companies create this illusion similarly. This new and enhanced version

calculates fine except for huge costs and space involved.

Tres3d takes modern tools coupled with custom three dimensional animation produces interactive Holographic/three dimensional anime character to become seen without any glasses.