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September 28, 2016 - Animation
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IATSE Issues Open Letter to assist VFX Employees Fight ‘Untenable’ Working Conditions

IATSE opens invitation to former Arc Productions and Nitrogen Galleries employees to assist recover lost pay and talk with a lawyer.

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Sony’s ‘Sausage Party’

Declaring that “the entire visual effects industry now works on race-to-the underside conditions,” based on a study by Deadline, the Worldwide Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Specialists, animation studio and Allied Crafts from the U . s . States has released stretching “an open invitation to any or all people from the VFX community to provide assistance.”

Animation Studio

Animation Studio

The letter, signed by IATSE president Matt Loeb, was published around the union’s website on Monday. It cites the current closure of Arc Productions, which locked out employees on August 2 and it was subsequently acquired by Boat Rocker Media subsidiary Jam Filled Entertainment on August 22, in addition to allegations of mistreatment and delinquent wages by computer animators at Nitrogen Galleries who labored on Sony’s R-ranked animation studio feature Sausage Party.

The IATSE is providing help with documents to assert delinquent wages to the former Nitrogen Galleries and Arc Productions employees, in addition to organizing conferences with a lawyer.

The entire letter is proven below:

Further to situations which have unfolded inside the visual effects community concerning employees of Nitrogen Galleries in Vancouver and ARC Productions in Toronto, on August 24, the IATSE extended a wide open invitation to any or all people from the VFX community to provide assistance. The help comes by means of dealing with former ARC employees to assist them to with documents needed through the government to assert some of delinquent wages, and for the former employees of ARC and Nitrogen, organizing a conference with this a lawyer to find out if there’s a procedure through which we are able to move ahead.