Animation Studio

August 12, 2016 - Animation
Animation Studio

It’s unusual for Disney to produce two major animation studio films within the twelve months. However with Pixar veteran Andrew Stanton within the director’s chair, this will certainly be one huge hit indeed.

12. Independence Day: Resurgence

Has got the world been awaiting a completely independent Day follow up? We are not convinced, but here you go anyway – with Shaun Goldblum and Bill Pullman, but no Will Cruz around the corner.

Still, with Roland Emmerich coming back as director, and modern CG techniques promising to create the devastation immaterial before, this might worth watching only for the spectacle.

With VFX from MPC, Scanline, Image Engine and Luxx, the video will occur two decades following the original, when reinforcements from the original alien race get to Earth after finally getting a distress call.

13. The BFG

It’s taken a good while for Roald Dahl’s much-loved children’s book The Large Friendly Giant to achieve the big screen.

Producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy started development for any big budget adaptation long ago 1991, and Robin Williams was spoken about for that lead role in 1998.

Animation Studio

Animation Studio

But animation studio is director Steven Spielberg who’s finally got the extra-large one into cinemas for 2016. With a few CG magic thanks to Weta Digital, this looks prone to enrapture a brand new generation of youngsters around the world.

14. The Legend of Tarzan

Skipping the foundation story, this new adventure from the man elevated by apes happens years after he left the jungle.

Tarzan has become asked to the Congo to function as a trade emissary of Parliament, not aware that he’s a pawn inside a deadly convergence of avarice and revenge.

Alexander SkarsgÄrd takes charge role, with Samuel L. Jackson and Margot Robbie adding a little class towards the cast. The visual effects come thanks to Framestore, Lola, Method Galleries, MPC, Rising Sun and Rodeo Forex.