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June 22, 2016 - Animation
Animation Studio

CARTOON BREW: Did you’ve got a song or music performer in your mind?

PATRICK OSBORNE: We didn’t. I understood that Scot was animation studio music director coupled with done great stuff. He did Presto at Pixar, and Glen [Keane’s Spotlight] short Duet. I spoken to Scot a bit about this, and that i felt like we’re able to relate around the music side. Therefore we place a on-site visit through his music collaborative Pollen for demos of tunes, contributing to twelve tunes were posted as options, some from people who I had been a mega-fan of, but Scot didn’t tell me who authored the tunes initially when i first heard them so I needed to choose in addition to the name.

Animation Studio

Animation Studio

CARTOON BREW: You can recognize the voice though?

PATRICK OSBORNE: He was like, ‘Do you realize who that certain is?’ Are you aware who that certain is?’ Also it helped me sad which i really didn’t like those that I had been keen on around the folks I did not know, but that’s good somewhat, too.

SCOT STAFFORD (creative director, music and seem): I believe the important thing was that people had performed the song back against some storyboards that Patrick tried which means you could really begin to see the figures and story from the music with no noise.

PATRICK OSBORNE: I sent storyboards by helping cover their temp music in it Scot cut the temp music off and merely had artists email the visuals. These were pretty awesome to look at, however it needed to be dismantled later whenever animation studio recognized that in 360, you cannot storyboard that. However I decided on a song along with different singer…I have no idea in the event that would be insulting to Alexis [Harte], who authored the song, but he was aboard for doing that.

Therefore we had two different performers who also authored their very own tunes, however i type of stated that guy seems like the father, and this may be the lady, and let’s record it like this. The storyline structure is equivalent to a pop song, it’s a verse-verse-chorus-bridge factor. Alexis authored far more verses than we wanted.