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May 31, 2016 - 3D, Animation, Animation Company
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French animator Bastien Dubois would be a fresh graduate from Supinfocom Valenciennes as he began focusing on his debut professional short, a diary-styled film that gave viewers a glimpse in to the exotic landscapes and intriguing traditions of Madagascar.

This Year’s film, Madagascar: An Outing Diary, designed a huge splash within the video clip world, taking home awards from Annecy and Ottawa, after which earning Academy Award and Cartoon d’Or nominations. A clip in the film could be seen below:

Its success led to another hands-attracted CG short, Cargo Cult, along with a short-form tv series within the same mold, Faces from Places (2013), which challenged Dubois to translate his unconventional and labor-intensive production technique right into a streamlined process that may be created more rapidly.


Cartoon Brew spoke to Dubois in the Animateka festival last December in Ljubljana, Slovenia, about his signature hands-attracted CG style, his unconventional creative process on Madagascar, and also the anxieties of pointing a sizable crew the very first time.

Bastien Dubois in Decmeber, 2015, at Animateka festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. (Photo thanks to Animateka festival.)

Bastien Dubois in Decmeber, 2015, at Animateka festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. (Photo thanks to Animateka festival.)

Cartoon Brew: Madagascar: An Outing Diary wonderfully captures the organic and spontaneous sense of traveling. Was the development of the video anything like this?

Bastien Dubois: In The Year 2006, I gone to live in Madagascar for ten several weeks, outfitted with a few fundamental technical materials, the visual concept of an animation company Malaysia journey diary, and 6 lines of script. Rather than writing a script or drawing a storyboard, I began out animating three shots and distributing individuals across a period with a few music under it. That grew to become the building blocks from the film.

Each time after a little traveling through Madagascar, I’d return home [in Madagascar] to animate a couple of shots, according to my new encounters increase the edit from the film. Gradually the video was built around individuals three initial shots. I most likely had fully animated about forty percent from the film already prior to the story structure was, pretty much, established.

I do not determine if Used to do it by doing this since i was too lazy to consider before animating, or maybe it had been a conscious decision to help keep the storyline as spontaneous as you possibly can. Largest, basically acquired Madagascar within the traditional way, the video might have never emerge exactly the same.

It may sound wonderful production, traveling and animating within an exotic place like Madagascar.

Bastien Dubois: Mixing my two passions, I figured I’d maintain for any holiday – however i was wrong. From individuals ten several weeks, really just three several weeks were spent traveling. The rest of the there was a time put in my room with terribly warm weather, electricity that shut lower every two hrs, and fleas munching my legs.

Maybe you have considered making another film in the manner that you simply made Madagascar?

Bastien Dubois: Madagascar would be a great couple of accidents, a movie created using my stomach instinct. Since I’m more conscious of filmmaking techniques, such things as point-of-view and the like, I do not think I possibly could return to something as spontaneous. I’m just different person when i was in those days.

In the Animateka festival you had been a part of a thematic concentrate on animated documentaries. Can you think about your act as such?

Bastien Dubois: My jobs are generally according to real occasions and lots of research, and so i guess it will have individuals documentary aspects into it. However in the finish, it’s fantasy. In ways I’d consider animated documentaries to become educational, striving to help make the audience understand things as clearly as you possibly can. Madagascar isn’t meant to achieve that. On the other hand – I needed the crowd to feel lost. I’m much interested in that type of experience for that audience, in emotion greater than education, truth, or perhaps the ethicality of my choices.

Inside your films you utilize CG to produce a style that’s greatly hands attracted. Why wouldn’t you simply produce it in 2D?

Bastien Dubois: Lots of people have requested me this. Yes, obviously I possibly could tell exactly the same story through 2D hands-attracted animation, however I wouldn’t have the ability to achieve the excellent cinematography that CG offers. It’s like asking, “Can you consume the food with no fork along with a knife?” I can, however it wouldn’t look so nice.

Animation Company Malaysia

Animation Company Malaysia

Following the prosperity of Madagascar you produced a French tv series with similar look however a different set-up, Faces from Places. How did that demonstrate happen?

Bastien Dubois: After Madagascar it had been type of apparent to create a series with similar concept and various nations. However that short had me 2 yrs – it might be out of the question for any full series. By altering the idea right into a short-form interview series with speaking heads, performed by Paris-based stars rather than natives around the globe, it grew to become something possible.

Also, we switched the design and style experiments of Madagascar right into a fundamental recipe of 5 fundamental technical methods and used the motion capture technique I produced for Cargo Cult, mapping textures onto CG sets and figures. By doing this we handled to produce an hour of Faces from Places each year.

The very first time ever you had been part of a giant crew, pointing about 20 people…

Bastien Dubois: It had been huge and that i was very scared. My Madagascar team been around from just four trainees, who have been helping me out for 2 several weeks close to the finish from the process. Because of the personal nature from the film, the storyline was still being evolving constantly. Everything was at my mind, and that i couldn’t communicate it, and so i didn’t obtain the preferred is a result of my team. animation company Malaysia got me really exhausted and frustrated, also it didn’t go quicker than working alone. Consider how scared I had been for any huge project like Faces from Places.

The development procedure for “Faces from Places” combines traditional painting techniques with motion capture technology.

The development procedure for “Faces from Places” combines traditional painting techniques with motion capture technology.

You’ve made it, though – what got you thru?

Bastien Dubois: After putting together a really nice gifted crew of individuals around me, handled by my assistant director Antoine [Delacharlery], I simply made the decision to allow things go. Allowing the animatics was my primary job because the series’ director. Through rhythm, framework, movement, and music, it had been possible that i can capture the entire atmosphere I had been searching as a director – it’s all within the animatic. My creative part then ended and also the animatic got paid to Antoine, who’d arrange the relaxation. Because of him and also the crew I became the most joyful director on the planet.

Art Brutal, a non-profit you’re part of, hands out a little grant (1000 euros along with a TVPaint license) to some youthful animation director each year. Why do you consider this will be significant? [The deadline to try to get this season is April 1, 2016.]

Bastien Dubois: Searching your money can buy to complete Madagascar would be a difficult and extended process. Whether it wasn’t for that support of Rotary Club, a grant of 2000 euros for that film they provided only a couple of days once i sent them an initial e-mail, I’d have most likely quit. A little grant that’s easy to try to get can produce a huge difference for any youthful creator. What Rotary Club did for me personally, you want to do for other people. I’m it is also just thrilling to participate someone’s potential artwork.