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September 27, 2016 - Animation Company
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Ottawa Enchanted: OIAF Showing First Canadian Animated Feature

Ottawa Worldwide Animation Festival debuts remaster of ‘The Enchanted Village.’

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OTTAWA, ON – The Ottawa Worldwide Animation Festival (OIAF), North America’s leading animation company film festival, has introduced a unique presentation of Canada’s first animated feature, The Enchanted Village, because of a massive effort by Cinémathèque Québécoise’s and Elephant, The Memory of Quebec Cinema.

Animation Company

Animation Company

“[We] acquired the initial printing aspects of The Enchanted Village at the outset of the ‘70s,” described Marcel Jean, Executive Director from the Cinémathèque Québécoise. “They have since been maintained in optimal conditions. Because of our partner Elephant, The memory of Quebec Cinema, a 4k restoration of the unknown bit of Canadian animation will be around to some wide audience. We’re honored the world premiere from the restoration will occur in the OIAF in the occasion of their 40th anniversary.”

Occur the Abitibi Territory colony within the Province of Québec, The Enchanted Village follows a Catholic family who’ve lately settled in the region. Using the other residents they assist develop a village, a church. Their only wish now is to locate a bell for that church. Soon, animation company look for a small but magical bell that enriches their lives, until a menacing figure seems within the village eventually.

Siblings Réal and Marcel Racicot, who directed the video, labored six years within their nights with four assistants to create this cell-animated fantasy. The video was launched in December 1955 and performed in Montréal, Québec City, Shell and Sherbrooke. Naïve and often technically awkward, coping with Catholic styles and folklore, offering some Hollywood-cartoon slapstick jokes, The Enchanted Village is really a tour de pressure thinking about it had become produced in very modest conditions.

The Ottawa Worldwide Animation Festival happens September 21 – 25, 2016 in a variety of venues through the town of Ottawa. The Enchanted Village is going to be showcased on Friday, September 23 at 5:00PM in the National Gallery and Saturday 24 at 5:00PM in the Arts Court Theatre – to learn more, including tickets, passes, and venue information, check out the OIAF website.