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August 25, 2016 - Android Developer
Android Developer Malaysia

The web is constantly making headway with speed to be the major metric of progress along with a key question for many android developer Malaysia . An earlier WebdesignerDepot article How slow is simply too slow in 2016? highlighted the necessity to concentrate on speed, therefore we made the decision to provide a couple of features that can help your website result in the grade in 2016.


Printed in May 2015 and supported because the other half of 2015, HTTP/2 is really a latest version of the internet protocol.

The primary improvement is the opportunity to cover multiple demands in one connection. This ability is known as multiplexing and it is revolutionary for web-site designers. Techniques like sprites or Data URIs will not be effective any longer.

HTTP/1 was more effective when loading one large image rather than several small since it couldn’t cover multiple demands simultaneously. It was taken proper care of within the latest version.

HTTP/2 also compresses headers prior to the asked for data are sent, which simplifies the transport. Lastly, the brand new version is binary and never textual, because the previous version was.

It makes sense a performance boost as high as 50%. You can look at the main difference here.

The most challenging factor about relocating to HTTP/2 might not be HTTP/2 whatsoever. Despite the fact that HTTP/2 doesn’t need a guaranteed website directly, browsers only support it over SSL.

Android Developer Malaysia

Android Developer Malaysia

The first thing towards HTTP/2 should hence be an SSL certificate.

After you have certificates, applying HTTP/2 your own self is only possible should you administer your server. Otherwise, everything is dependent in your website hosting or server webhost.

Based on W3Techs, presently no more than 7% leverage HTTP/2.

SSL certificate

Quite simply, SSL certificates secure the bond from a server along with a client. Acquiring certificates is simpler than it may seem and you may acquire one free of charge with Let’s Secure.

Let’s Secure is really a new certification authority that left public beta in the center of April of 2016. The aim of Let’s Secure would be to eliminate all of the manual processes needed for acquiring certificates. with Let’s Secure, the entire process is automated  and takes only a couple of minutes.

You can aquire a certificate using your website hosting provider. For individuals who administer android developer Malaysia very own server, this short article  supplies a step-by-step installation tutorial.


Brotli is really a new compression formula introduced last fall by Google. Generally, compression calculations reduce how big moved data.

Google reported that in comparison to the present solutions, Brotli offers 20-26% better compression ratio. As a result, it can save you about 40% of the traffic on HTML files contributing to 25% on CSS and Javascript.

By now, Brotli is just based on Chrome and Firefox, other browsers to follow along with soon.

Regarding servers, major servers like Nginx, Apache and Node.js need a packet installation. No server offers Brotli automatically right now.


A Content Delivery Network is some servers all over the world. These servers contain copies of the site’s content (images, videos, software etc.). When utilized, your computer data loads from the server nearer to the customer so the overall loading is a lot faster everywhere in the world.

An execllent advantage may be the enhanced longevity of your website. Because the submissions are spread around many servers, your website hosting server is able to escape a substantial part of traffic and for that reason is much better protected against crashing.

It makes sense an internet site loading faster by (typically) 50%. Usually much more.