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October 2, 2016 - Android Developer
Android Developer

3. Application Security

There have been numerous reports associated with hacking and knowledge leaks in 2014. According to Gartner’s conjecture, 75% of mobile apps will fail fundamental security tests in 2015. The online hackers is constantly exploit security gaps in mobile android developer to hack sensitive information. Security remains a large challenge on cellular devices. A key point, mobile application security is one thing developers have to seriously do something about in 2015.

4. Beacon and placement Based Wi-Fi Services

Beacon technologies are beginning to blur the limitations between offline and online within the retail and advertising sector. Apple has integrated fraxel treatments in iOS that communicates using their network of iBeacons and Android is anticipated to follow along with them on a single lines in 2015. In in the future, Wireless will give you much more services than simply the web access . The main benefit is the fact that most companies have previously committed to Wireless and also the market is constantly on the show the popularity of cellular plans becoming costlier as a result of splurge in data consumption by users with smarter phones.

Android Developer

Android Developer

Wireless works seamlessly for indoor encounters where cellular connectivity could be edgy and in line with the entry way location, companies can know where their clients are which will permit them to provide specific content directly on their cell phones. At This summer, there exists a platform known as Wi-Fi MX that allows companies to interact consumers on their own cellular devices through Wireless and supply use of in your area relevant services and content. We’ll be studying much more about Beacon and placement Based Wireless Services in 2015 with increased companies and android developer developers adopting these technologies to produce smart retails and provide right information at right place as consumers walk by.

5. Wearable Tech

Because of Apple Watch, wearable Technology was among the hottest trends in tech and electronic devices industries in 2014. So far apps for wearable devices were mostly focussed on fitness and well-being care industry. But, using the start of 2015 Wearable products are expected for use by enterprises to enhance their efficiency and productivity. There’s also lots of noise around fashion and textile industries adopting wearable technology. Main point here, mobile application developers is going to be moving their focus from smartphones to more about wearable device applications for enterprises as well as other industries in 2015.