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January 12, 2017 - Android Developer
Android Developer

Mobile Application developers and marketers frequently have a problem with marketing and monetizing their apps. Regrettably, a lot of application developers are taking a chance and ambiguous method of application monetization. Are you currently making a few of these big mistakes? Should you missed Part 1, take it easy – it’s here.

Android Developer

Android Developer

4. Interfering advertising with action


Mobile advertising is among the most typical and a good way to earn money for free apps. As possible monetize the need for all individuals eyeballs appearing in the screen while users make use of your application, especially games. The issue arises when ads overwhelm the consumer experience, especially while doing offers. When we play ads between levels, and allow it to not interrupt the user’s immediate knowledge about the sport, we are able to solve our reason for placing ads without annoying users. However, in case your ads are badly situated in your game, you may be infuriating your users and pushing them away. Interference because of advertising makes your users more prone to dislike and prevent making use of your application, which, making you stop getting revenue from mobile ads.

5.Wrong consumer expectations – “over-promise and under-deliver”


There’s a suitable space allotted for adding description i.e. What your application is? How it operates?, and Why must they download it? for each application. To make an application effective it’s appropriate description and appealing title is among the first thing to do of application marketing strategies. Application developers and publishers are necessary to set expectations using their apps. But, make sure out on another commit an excessive amount of or make any exaggerated or false statements. Should there be features and functionalities that the application doesn’t include as well as your competitor application has, it shouldn’t be added in there. Appreciate your users have high expectations for the application as well as your application fails to deliver on delivering, your application is more prone to get bad reviews, resulting in missed possibilities minimizing revenues and could affect your future apps too.