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August 14, 2016 - 3D
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Take note that whenever the Overwrite HTML file on publish isn’t selected, the Include JavaScript In HTML choice is instantly disabled. If you don’t wish to overwrite your HTML, you will then be not able to make use of this selection since the options Overwrite HTML file on publish and can include JavaScript in HTML cannot exist together blog2html5ads-1

Lastly, you need to know that if you are planning to merge your JavaScript together with your HTML, you will want to actually aren’t utilizing a custom template that’s also referencing the FLA’s exterior JavaScript file. For instance, you wouldn’t have the ability to effectively merge your JavaScript and HTML should you be while using following approach in your custom template, which leverages a placeholder token to drag within the FLA’s JavaScript file name:
Creating HTML5 Advertisements with 3d animator CC: Embed JavaScript into HTML

We’re back with this series highlighting the best Animate CC features for creating HTML5 advertisements. Just in case you skipped it, take a look at our first publish on HTML5 Canvas templates.

3D Animator

3D Animator

Some ad-serving vendors require that all your local JavaScript be incorporated inside the HTML file as opposed to a separate JavaScript file. This format requirement may exist due to platform compatibility issues or limitations on the amount of files and server demands needed to aid your ad experience. Whatever the reasons, this spec can differ broadly from vendor to vendor which means 3d animator ought to look at your vendor’s documentation before finalizing and packaging your assets. In case your vendor requires you to definitely combine the local JavaScript and HTML, you’re in luck because to be able to facilitate a simple and integrated method of consolidating both of these files, Animate CC now introduces the capacity to instantly embed the code in the FLA’s JavaScript file inside the HTML file during posting. To allow this selection:

Within the File > Publish Configurations menu, change to the Advanced tab and choose the Include JavaScript In HTML

Select OK after being alerted that when opting to incorporate JavaScript within the HTML file, Animate will overwrite the HTML each time the file is republished. This feature disables the Overwrite HTML file on publishcheck box, and through any posting event, the HTML is going to be overwritten.